Co-Creative Partnerships

Welcome to our evening exploration of what it means to be your unique authentic self and how to honor and appreciate others in the like. We often get attracted to partners in business and romance that are opposite of us or are a familiar pattern. These attractions lead to EXCITEMENT, INTENSITY and ANXIETY where many of our co-dependent patterns show up and eventually take us down. These relationships might become manageable only with highly effective communication, conflict resolution skills and lots of therapy. Even then, only if we have a uber-high level of consciousness might the partnership ever come to a place of ease and trust to move forward. Come learn more about how to identify our patterns, who we attract to complete these life lessons and how to appreciate our own qualities so much such that we attract ourselves to people that are more similar to us giving ourselves a higher probability of being seen and understood. Whether you are looking for better dating possibilities, more effective work opportunities, clearer understanding of the dynamics within your family or with your partner or if you are a counselor, coach or therapist wanting more effective tools for your clients, this evening will offer new insights into our unconscious behaviors so we can learn how to have more compassion and make better choices that can invite more ease, compatibility, joy and synergy into our lives. We will discuss the Higher Alignment model, field questions, connect around these issues and offer solutions to your relationship challenges. This work is entirely different than any other modality you may have experienced in the past and offers us the hope that we are not all to be sentenced to a relationship of co-dependency, but as a result of self-love, we have the capacity to co-create ALIVENESS, WISDOM and AWARENESS. Have we sparked your curiosity? Great! Bring friends and questions, leave the heavy fragrances at home, grab dinner at Earth Fare and join us!


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