~ Coaching & Group Facilitation ~
Shamanic Breathwork™   This powerfully experiential process uses music, movement and the breath to inspire you to connect with your inner healer and other lost parts. As old wounds and dysfunctional patterns transform and release, you will begin to remember the magic of who you really are. Healing and wholeness will bring empowerment back into your life, into the lives of those you love, and into the world.
Shadow Work®   uses psychodrama and voice dialogue to transform disowned parts of our character with compassion and understanding. In our facilitated processes, you can explore and change almost any behavior pattern in a way to bring your true self out of Shadow and into the Light. Shadow Work® is an effective technology devoted to providing a setting where you can explore and evolve safely, choicefully and without pressure from the facilitator.
Higher Alignment  offers a comprehensive framework for understanding human development.  We support singles, couples, businesses, parents and teachers by explaining why certain behaviors, motivations and relationships are effective and why others limit growth.  We focus on the meaning of these patterns so you can track them back to their source.  We invite you to experience your essential nature and nurture conscious relationships. 

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