Manifesting Great Relationships 8-Evening Course


8-evening classes.





Are you fed up with the whole dating scene?  Are options looking grim? Join us for 8-evenings of learning key strategies for finding compatible partners. In this course, you will begin to recognize the way we fall into familiar patterns which can only produce frustrating results.  As we begin to see our strengths and weaknesses clearly and begin to put out to the universal exactly what we want, the universe can only respond with success. We introduce the different dating styles and creative energies, discuss attractions, communication processes, pacing, worldview, motives and relationship skills, write an effect on-line dating profile, identify our defenses and support you as you explore the dating scene with more confidence and awareness. We will learn intimacy and autonomy skills and how to share power on dates. This practical class includes course material, partner exercises and a group outing. We will look at actual pictures and listen to the 1000 words they tell. We will coach you how to approach your first few dates, how to discover similar interests and ask difficult questions early on to get clarity about what you do and do not want. Join us as we untangle the confusing world of modern dating and create simple actions that will produce higher quality results leading you to successful long term partnerships. Before you give up all hope, let us see if we can’t first fix your picker.



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