A New Retreat, A New Healing Space

A New Retreat, A New Healing Space, and A New Life On The Way

At the beginning of the year we unveiled the new and improved BlossomandBe.com—a website that feels consistent with the energy of our healing space, that clarifies our pricing and service offerings, and that makes it easier to get in touch with us. It still fills us with joy every time we look at it!

Since that time (and really, for a while now) we’ve been rapidly outgrowing our space on Galax Ave. Working and living in a 1200 square-foot space has been tight, and our co-creative visions have always been a bit bigger than the space would allow.

We’ve always intended for Blossom & Be to not just feel like a retreat, but to actually BE a retreat.

We envisioned hosting larger groups, immersive weekend workshops, and overnight guests looking for a healing respite from their day-to-day lives. We wanted to move away from the heart of West Asheville and head back into nature. We were tired of tip-toeing around each other all day long, and we craved more separation between our working space and our personal space.

This past May, thanks to Avyanna’s hunting skills, we found a magical, majestic space in Black Mountain. Nestled in the woods on a beautiful mountainside, we’re surrounded by crickets, coyotes, and fireflies every night. In the morning we wake to blossoming rhododendrons, linden trees, black locusts, and the sweet scent of honeysuckle. Every day, we feel so much closer to the wild than we did in our West Asheville oasis. (Because, we are! Literally.)

Endings & Beginnings

Part of our motivation for moving now is that our dog McKinley turns fourteen years old this month, and our big puppy is finally slowing down. We needed a space with big enough rooms for him to comfortably turn around in, and without stairs so he could get in and out easily.

Yes, it’s sad to see such a strong athletic snow plow of a husky begin to reach the limits of his physical body. But he’s had a good life of outdoor adventures, squirrel chasing, hiking, sunbathing, and a diet of raw chicken, liver, and pork fat. (We believe that this lifestyle has helped him stay mobile and agile for much longer than most 120-pound Shephard/Husky mixes can boast.)

Another reason for this move was to give us enough time to nest and prepare for a baby boy, whose spirit has been knocking on our door for three years now.

Larry Sam Blueberry Jam, as he is affectionally called (Larry after our Higher Alignment teacher, whose voice our baby probably knows better than ours at this point, Sam after our talented content editor who joked that she would work on credit if we named our first born after her, Blueberry because who doesn’t like blueberries? And Jam because it rhymes with Sam, and also because this family is going to jam when he drops into our lives) is scheduled to come through to us around Thanksgiving.  😉

Also, We Got Married!

This summer, we hosted a small group of family and friends in the beautiful timber frame sanctuary at Highland Lake Cove Retreat. Many were able to stay for a three-day weekend of playing, paddling, dancing, and deep life discussions. It was so important to us to slow down and connect from the heart with each other and the people we love best—we don’t get may opportunities to do that anymore, with our fast-paced lives, technology, and geographic distances.

You can check out a video below:


Still (Always) Learning: The Continuing Education Adventures of Phoenix & Avyanna

We never get bored learning new modalities; it’s like candy to us. And this year, we wanted to get a jump start on our classes, pre-Blueberry. Here’s what we’ve been up to…



  • Orthopedic massage training with James Waslaski, the ex-Texas Ranger trainer
  • Structural Integration with Marion Stone, trained in the Ida Rolf tradition.

Phoenix & Avyanna:

  • We continue the lifetime learning process with Larry Byram, the creator of Alignment Technologies, deepening the process of letting go of defensive distortions and embracing our authentic selves.
  • This semester is a review in identifying children’s creative energies to better support working with them, along with their parents and teachers.

New Additions (Besides Blueberry)

How will we manage a bigger space, new offerings, and an AirBnB rental with a baby on the way?

We’re so glad you asked.

We hired our first part-time employee—Phoenix’ niece, Brianna. We rescued her from Kansas State University, and she’s now trained to do much of the cleaning, stocking, and organizing of the Airbnb, the retreat, and our personal space, along with being able to assist with some of our new neuro-therapies.

She will also be helping us with some marketing as she gets settled into this area and meets more people (she’s the outgoing one of our little trio).

We are currently interviewing massage therapists to cover Avyanna’s clients when she takes maternity leave, we‘re and hoping to bring this person (or persons?) on board more fully as our business expands.

We are now closed on Mondays and Thursdays, which have become our admin, cleaning, and self-care days. But we’ve also added weekend hours, which you’ve been asking for! 

What’s Next For Us (And You!)

Yep, we’ve done a lot in the past eight months. Mucho trabajo! And we did it, and here we are!

We officially opened the retreat last month, by listing our space on Airbnb. We host individuals or couples who are looking to have some silence and solitude, and/or wish to do some healing or personal growth work.

So far we’ve hosted a couple wanting to deepen their relationship, an individual going through rehabilitation, and another who was grieving a lost loved one.

Check out our AirBnB listing here.

Thank you all so much for supporting us over the years.

Thank you for continuing to help build our business, so we can continue to give back to you and the community.

Thank you for helping us achieve the #2 slot in the Mountain Express Best of Western North Carolina 2019!

We are so excited to share this with you!

If you’d like to see our space, please make sure to come to our Grand Opening on September 21st, from 1-5pm. We’ll have live music, free chair massage and chiropractic available, and plenty of special offers and chances to win some of our services.

We hope to see you there!

Blossom & Be!

Phoenix & Avyanna
Blossom & Be Wellness Retreat
Therapeutic Bodywork
Relationship and Dating Coaching
Women’s Health



Stay tuned for more information on these and more upcoming events!

Authentic Life Work Virtual Coaching Day with Larry Byram

Are you frustrated in your career and curious about how to open yourself to the type of work that would be more aligned with your creative energies?
Saturday, September 22, 2019 Noon-8pm EST

Intro to Shamanic Journeying Workshop with Shauna DeGuire & Kevin Pennell

Learn basic journeying techniques through drumming, herbs and the arts.
Saturday, October 5, 10-4pm EST

Dating Discovery Virtual Class (led by Larry, Karen Thorson & Phoenix)

Get coaching around writing an on-line profile, posting profile pictures and learn strategies to improve your possibilities for finding a more compatible partner.
Monday nights 8-10pm EST, for 12 weeks starting January 6, 2020.

Shamanic Breath and Shadow Workshop (led by Phoenix)
Through breath, music, movement, psychodrama and art you will access your chakra energies, opening yourself to your own inner healing and guidance.
Beginning of November (time & date TBD)

**Our intention is to post a monthly newsletter to keep you informed about our events, specials, and deep-dive into some health and relationship tips. Please let us know if there is any topic or service you would like to hear about. Contact us if you would like to visit our retreat for yourself or if you are interested in exploring hosting your workshop here.**