~ Individual Therapies ~ 
$80/60 min, $115/90 min, $150/120 minutes
Intuitively guided session bridging the combined wisdom of Eastern and Western traditions to create the most beneficial healing and
restoration for you today. 

Transform tension and inspire deep relaxation with long, fluid strokes and varied pressure adjusted according to your sensitivity
creating space to deepen into your own Equilibrium.
Restoring myofascial fluidity and functionality using slow, deep guided strokes and firm pressure designed to relieve severe tension and adhesions below the superficial muscles as part of the therapeutic healing process.
With a foundation in Breema, Thai, assisted Yoga and Passive Stretching, these clothes on sessions use body manipulation, gravity, holds, brush strokes and releases to open up blocked channels, move fluid and bring more resilience to your connective tissue and your spirit.
Channeling life force energy through touch to activate the natural healing processes and restore physical and emotional well-being.
Nurturing relaxation and pure rejuvenation, generally performed after the first trimester, we focus on the special needs of mothers-to-be.  Positioning and pillows enhance support, decrease pressure and increase relaxation so Mother and baby can share in the benefits as stress and tension melt away leaving you feeling balanced and energized.
Whether pre-event, post-event, rehabilitation or maintenance, we use the latest kinesiology and apply the most effective techniques for your maximum performance and speedy recovery.
~ Double Decadence ~
$190/60, min $250/90 min, $325/120 minutes
Enjoy massage side-by-side with your special someone co-creating a remarkably regenerative connection.
Loose yourself to the rhythm of two therapists synchronizing your treatment for a truly out of body experience.
~ Extra Touches ~
$40/30 minutes
Formed from volcanic lava rich in iron which provides maximum heat retention and delivers penetrating heat to focal areas for greater circulation and deep release.
At the center point of balance, we gently increase detoxifying lymphatic flow, nerve impulses and chi while facilitating the self healing process to create harmony and balance from within.
We assist your body in releasing stress hormones that inhibit circulation, decrease toxin accumulation and improve blood flow enhancing your overall well-being.
Capture the essence of your massage through colors and paper creating a treasured take home expression of your experience.
available to someone special for any of our services.

Please contact us by phone, text, or email to inquire about our services.