Here’s a list organizations and websites that can help you and need your help to research, advocate and preserve health, healthy food, and sustainable farming:

American Academy of Environmental Medicine

American College for Advancement of Medicine (like-minded doctors)



Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Beyond Factory Farming – Canada sustainable livestock farming (Naessens Work)

Children’s Health Defense, Chris Masterjohn, Phd

CISA – Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture

Cornucopia Institute – Assesses farms protocols and rates for beyond organic Grassfed animal food and dairy

Entomo Farms – Farms crickets

Environmental Working Group

Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance

Foundation for the Advancement of Cancer Therapies, Ruth Sachman

GRACE – Global Resource Action Center for the Environment

Heartmath – International Academy of Biological Dentists International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology Dentistry and Medicine

International Foundation for Nutrition and Health

Johanna Budwig website (Fats for health)

La Leche League

National Family Farm Coalition

National Farmers Union – Free Library

The Organic Center

Organic Consumers Association

Regenerative Agricultural Alliance, USA – Fat people have higher survivability rate – Library of free book downloads

Union of Concerned Scientists

Vaccine Information Network

Vaccine Rights

WONM: World Organization of Natural Medicine

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