Avyanna Grace

Women’s Dating, Health, and Therapeutic Bodywork

Grounded in Natural Rhythms | Bringer of Elegance, Grace, And The Now / Yin to Phoenix’s Yang


The Seed:

I grew up in the 80’s on a little farm in Western Massachusetts, with a love for Jesus, horses, and rock n’ roll. I spent most of my time either in the barn with the animals, wandering around my grandmother’s gardens, or catching snakes and salamanders in the fields and ponds. I used to sit with animals that were sick or dying, confused when I wasn’t able to bring them back to life—I was sure I’d been able to do this “before.”


The Darkness:

The late 90’s and early 2000’s were a period of exploration and experimentation as I grew into womanhood. I moved around a lot, tried my hand at various professions, saw a lot of live music. During this time—and really ever since my first menstrual cycle—I also struggled with painful periods and other symptoms of what I now know is a tilted uterus. I burned the proverbial candle down to a nub, escaping into partying and music to avoid depression, trauma, and self esteem issues. On September 15, 1998, I sliced open the instep of my right foot on a sharp river rock, requiring 17 stitches and a long, painful healing process. This was the impetus for me to start exploring different healing modalities, including scar tissue mobilization, which is now one of my specialties.


The Bloom:

When my godchild was three years old, he told me a story about how he’d died and gotten to choose his new body when he was reborn. His mom and I had some… follow-up questions (naturally), but there was no denying his conviction, his rightness. In his face that day, I saw a familiar kind of wisdom; a connection to the spirit world that had yet to be tampered with. I used to have that, too, back in my animal-resurrection days, but in all my adult adventures I’d drifted away from it. Suddenly my path in life laid itself out before me, and the natural healer in me was reawakened.


The Offshoot:

I’ve lived in over twenty places since I first left home, including Boston, Boulder, and San Diego. But I’m most at home in the woods, with moss covered rocks and creeks that bubble through fields of ferns and flowers.


Certifications & Specialities: