From the moment I met Phoenix I was at ease. He provides a very comfortable atmosphere and knows exactly where to work the injured muscles. Very knowledgeable, skilled and personable!
JoAnn Krasnov
As a licensed mental health professional, I can say without a doubt that Phoenix Be is an EXTREMELY skilled individual and relationship consultant. I began working with Phoenix after having gone through a painful breakup. My goal was to grow as an individual as well as a partner within the context of a romantic relationship. Through my work with Phoenix, I was able to break old patterns and learned to be truly honest to myself and others. And above all, I learned to be responsible and intentional in my approach to making important life decisions. Eventually, I met a wonderful woman who was also willing to work with myself and Phoenix in order to ensure that we developed a secure foundation as we worked to build an extremely rewarding relationship. I’m happy to say, we’re about to get married and have a baby on the way. Obviously, my individual work with Phoenix as well as our couples work really paid off!!
I first started going to Blossom and Be due to a sudden onset of sciatica. My chiropractor referred me to the massage practice, and I first saw Avyanna for assessment and a more overall massage. Avyanna was wonderfully caring and effective but felt that my issues were more in line with the work Phoenix does. So, I had a session with Phoenix, whose practice is deep tissue, therapeutic massage. At that time, after a thorough evaluation of my problem, Phoenix and I agreed on a period of time that I would devote to weekly sessions. X-rays and an MRI showed the extent of the problems, and we stayed with weekly sessions for about a year, after which we switched to every other week. It took longer to see improvement than I thought it would, but I am happy to say that the combination of therapeutic massage plus stretching exercises has made a difference. I am getting my life back! I highly recommend Blossom and Be to anyone who has tried other modalities and is ready to add healing massage to the solution.
Beverly Monroe
I had very positive experience this morning @ Blossom & Be. Phoenix is a true master of massage. The combination of his knowledge and skill plus his experience and dedication to relieving pain and suffering are exceptional. I highly recommend him.
John Wykle
My experience at Blossom & Be was absolutely amazing. Not only was the atmosphere relaxing, but it also provided a safe place that welcomed healing. My session with Phoenix was intense but rewarding. I've suffered from chronic pain for years in several places (Plantar fasciitis, TMJ, tight psoas), sometimes I can't walk or eat because of the pain. After explaining these problems and their origins in more detail to him, he was able to release most of the tension and knots in these areas. The next day I got out bed without limping, my jaw didn't pop when I yawned or ate, and my entire core felt spacious and relaxed. I could not believe the difference in how I felt between a treatment with Phoenix and a traditional massage. I will definitely be back for myself, and I plan on telling as many people as I can about my experience. If you have chronic pain or any other body issues, your money will be well spent visiting Blossom & Be.
Stephanie Soule
I heard of Phoenix by referral of a colleague. I was primarily going to see if I could find a body worker in the Black Mountain area that would be a good fit to refer my acupuncture patients to (this to say my standard of expectation were very high). During my session I found that I was able to drop into my body and relax more quickly than I ever had before. I have worked with many well-trained massage therapists over the years, but Phoenix is the most highly skilled, heart centered, and intuitive massage therapist I have seen yet. He was able to easily identify and work through many knots and meridian/energy blockages in my body. I left feeling more grounded, centered, and energized. I recommend him to any of my patients and friends with great confidence.
Sharlette Winters (Balanced Pointe Wellness)
I offered a massage to a friend and decided to get one for me, to make good memories with my buddy. None of us had any particular problem, we just were looking for a relaxing moment. I chose Blossom and Be because my husband has been friends with Phoenix for years, and I was looking forward to getting the full Blossom and Be experience. I really enjoyed the feeling of the waiting room, the burning fireplace, and the tea. The massage table was warmed up at the perfect temperature... and the massage was so relaxing I kept an amazing grounded and positive mood since then (4 days ago). I'll definitely make it a present for relatives and friends.
Lalie Périgaud
I don’t think that hosts often know exactly why an individual might be taking a trip to their location, but I can say that my experience at Blossom & Be Wellness was absolutely incredible and it was exactly what I needed. I had such an amazing beautiful weekend, and was able to take intentional time for so much needed reflection, prayer, and time in nature. Absolutely perfect and I’d absolutely love the opportunity to stay in this gorgeous, unique location again. Thank you so much!
O’Keefe Johnson
Phoenix is one of the most genuine and caring therapists that I have had the pleasure of knowing. He presented a concept to me that no one had ever presented before, and it really connected with me. I am so thankful to know such a wonderful professional and person!
Andre Daugherty
I was in much need of a massage. I train martial arts and I get knots all over and sometimes I hurt quite a lot. This was one of those times. My neck was all knotted up among other areas. I called around and got referred to Blossom and Be Wellness. They came highly recommended from other massage therapists. I was delighted to be able to get in there and Phoenix was very knowledgeable about his practice. We went over the issues he asked me some questions and got started. Everything was super professional and respectful. He was super engaged with me and giving me all his attention when we were talking and discussing my muscular issues as well as the solutions to them. We had a nice conversation while I was getting massages as well. Phoenix was able to go to the affected muscles and release the tension in them very well. I felt worlds better afterwards which is what I expected. I get massages on a regular basis now. This session was 90-minutes and worth every penny. I highly recommend this spa to anyone who needs some relief from their musculature and the knots in them and desires to have a highly knowledgeable therapists to help resolve those. issues! I’m traveling right now and if I’m ever in the area, I’ll definitely go back here for some repeat business. I’m very satisfied with the results
Levi Bass
Phoenix has been my massage therapist for over a year, and he has been a tremendous help in maintaining my overall health. My sessions with Phoenix are very communicative on my physical ailments and after our sessions he will send me further communications to assist in relieving issues that we discuss. I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending him.
Ted Ghiz
I was beyond impressed with Blossom and Be. The retreat environment is clean, inviting, relaxing, homey and every bit of a sanctuary! I have had a lot of massages and without a doubt Phoenix provided the best massage I have ever had. I had the most terrible tightness in my shoulders that compounded from weeks of stress and overworking my body in the garden. The tightness became pain and I started seeing a physical therapist. I worked on stretching with my PT however I received the most release when I went for a 90 min massage with Phoenix. He took lots of time in the beginning of our session to help determine where the issues may be stemming from, provided the most relaxing massage I HAVE EVER HAD and went above and beyond to email me exercises and stretches to try out from their you tube library! My massage was so healing that I literally felt the gravity when I attempted to get off the table at the end of the massage. I had to sit on the couch in their lovely, Zen entry/waiting room. I immediately scheduled another massage for 2 weeks later. I can't say enough good things about Blossom and Be! Phoenix is a very talented masseuse. My body cannot wait to return :)!
Jennifer Brantley
Phoenix and Avyanna are amazing! They are very knowledgeable in what they do. They provide excellent customer service and walk you through every step of the way. They offer so many kinds of services that combine their strengths to form a powerful healing presence.
Richie Burlett
My husband and I were looking for a quick get-a-way in the mountains and found this little gem!! As soon as our confirmation was booked, we received driving instructions (which were extremely helpful) as well as check-in instructions. As soon as we walked in, we were wowed by the personal touches, the vibe, the set-up, and the peaceful feeling that enveloped us immediately. The bedroom was just as cozy, clean, and welcoming. We were about 5 minutes away from downtown, restaurants, and coffee shops. We visited a hiking trail that was about 15-20 minutes away. My husband and I had some questions about some of the counseling and therapeutic services offered so, Avyanna sat with us and answered all of our questions! She and her husband were very accommodating and hospitable! I can't say enough wonderful things about our stay! We wish we could have stayed longer but we both agreed, that we would come back when our schedules afford and have recommended this place to all of our friends! Book it! You won't be sorry!
Liz Styron
I am a physical therapist and I have been trying to find a massage therapist with a good understanding of anatomy and physiology. Let me tell you, Phoenix fulfilled all that I was looking for and more! He was quickly able to identify the areas of my body that had tightness and discomfort. Some of these spots, I had been craving someone to find and work on for a very long time (like my posterior rotator cuff, my pec minor/ serratus anterior, and my fibularis muscles) and not only did he find them, he was able to release them with such wonderful technique and ease. I left my session feeling looser and relaxed and more open, not to mention my improved posture! I will definitely refer my patients to Blossom and Be! Phoenix, thank you so much for such a wonderful session
Kerry Tobin
Phoenix and Avyanna have created a truly welcoming and calming space to find respite and spend some time with yourself. As a patient of Phoenix, I can also say that he has changed my life for the better with his massage practice to rehab my torn rotator cuff! 5 stars!
Edward Wolfe
There are many therapists who can make you feel better for a while. But if you actually want to get healed you need to visit Phoenix. He put a stop to my recurring plantar fasciitis, then increased range of motion in my shoulder brought on by a dislocation decades ago. I was convinced I was developing a hernia, but Phoenix correctly diagnosed and healed me. Turns out the pain was caused by tight muscles which Phoenix was able to relax.
Arthur DeBenigno
If you’re looking for a relaxing retreat, I highly recommend Blossom and Be! The setting is peaceful, the space is gorrrrgeous, and the hosts – Avyanna and Phoenix - were wonderfully attentive but also gave me lots of space. The retreat feels far removed from any towns/cities, yet it is just a 2 minute drive from downtown Black Mountain. I opted to get an on-site massage from Avyanna during my stay and it was everything I could have asked for – it certainly contributed to the restorative nature of my visit! I can honestly say that my time spent at Blossom and Be was the most rejuvenating experience I’ve had in years!
Laura Carroll
Hi Avianna, I just wanted to thank you again for our sessions yesterday.  It was such a good experience for Caroline and I am so grateful.  I appreciated the way that you treated her as you would any other client.  You asked her questions, you listened to her, you explained things to her, inquired about her likes and dislikes.  This differs from many of the experiences I have had in the past with other professionals.  Be it someone doing her hair or painting her nails – they tend to defer to the parent.  I really liked and appreciated the fact that Caroline got to take ownership of her own body and her own experience.  She got to make the decision about what felt good and communicate that to you.  It extends far beyond a massage.  That is sending her a message about her rights when it comes to her body and supports her as she strengthens her voice.  Girls her age need that.  Plus it was just a great day to spend with my little girl and treat her a bit. My session was nothing short of amazing.  I felt cared for and nurtured during the session and went home after threw on PJ’s and fell asleep on the couch at 5 for a nice nap.  You are so talented and intuitive and I thank you for sharing your gift and your presence.  I can’t wait to come back!
Christina Simpson
I have had low back pain for over ten years. Hip and pelvis pain last five years, buttock pain to the point I avoided sitting at all costs, significantly decreasing my quality of life and my ability to perform my job. I truly had no life; my pain consumed me. That was until I started seeing Phoenix, about four months ago. HE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!! About two weeks ago I was sitting in a meeting and suddenly realized I had been sitting all day and wasn’t hurting. I cried. This is so drastic and huge and wasn’t ever even semi-relieved by any other treatment. Phoenix has given me my life back. I am not 100 percent yet but in four months I am at least 70% better. I am confident I would be 90% if I wouldn’t have been in a car accident six weeks ago. He has made that setback bearable and not let it hinder my progress. Right before my wreck I was feeling better than I can ever remember in my adult life, at least ten years. Not only has Phoenix corrected the issues above but has corrected other significant issues I had. One with my foot (ended up being Peroneus muscle and calf tightness), compensating “injury” which likely started from my back down. It’s all connected! Secondly. he got me out of hand braces I have worn for 10 years due to overuse of my hands and typing. An orthopedic doctor saw me over a year and couldn’t correct. Injections, orthotic inserts, PT, even wore a corrective boot for a year and nothing fixed it. Phoenix did!
Monica Stewart
Phoenix has a commitment to “Real” wellness. His diverse background in anatomical body functions combined with his expertise and experience in human development gives him a rich pool of resources to draw upon when addressing a client’s needs; seeing each of us as individuals. His willingness to keep learning and to stay current in the field of “True” wholeness makes him a unique treasure for the Asheville area. As a client who presented to him in deep physical distress and as a woman with my own extensive body Wisdom, it was Phoenix’s ability to listen and collaborate with me on every visit that seemed the greatest gift of all. He gave careful thought and consideration to the information I would bring forth and then united it with his extra-large ‘tool-box’ to unwind old patterns, free the old injuries, and evolve me in a new strength as we continued to move forward. Together, over the course of a year, we gave me a whole new physical body to play life from ...... at 60! Phoenix is a strong, compassionate, positive practitioner who walks his talk. He’s a warm, knowledgeable, honest coach and I’ll be forever grateful for our time together.
Katharine Elizabeth
Phoenix is the real deal. Every time we meet I feel like somehow he knows me better than I know myself. I always leave our sessions with a sense of clarity, vision, and excitement for life. His compassionate, gentle yet clear and to the point approach makes him just perfect for his work. I couldn't be more grateful for the work we have done together.
Dr. Marla Molina, DC. (WNC Chiropractic)
Definitely one of the best massages I've ever had. I suffer from chronic neck & shoulder tension. Phoenix's approach was simultaneously relaxing and therapeutic.
Jess Mund, L. Ac. (Asheville Community Acupuncture)
I recently moved back to this area after being away at school for several years, and one of my primary concerns about moving was being able to find someone I could trust who does abdominal massage. I had been getting my belly worked on weekly for about a year prior to moving, and the work had been deeply healing after struggling for many years with post-surgical abdominal adhesions as well as inflammatory bowel problems. However, it took me a long time to find a practitioner who I trusted to let in on that intimate level -- bellies hold a lot, physically AND emotionally! Turns out, I am incredibly lucky and happened into Avyanna's office right off the bat. She was incredibly warm, empathetic, and knowledgeable. I felt very seen and understood as well as empowered to direct the session according to my physical limitations and emotional needs. I can't wait to go back for my follow up!
Dr. Molly Meinhardt, DC
Had a wonderful massage and enjoyed being relaxed for many days afterwards. Avyanna is amazing and the environment is very relaxing. I often forget to take care of myself and my visit to Blossom and Be wellness reminded me that I need to do this more often.
Goerg Efird
Our group partnered with Blossom and Be Wellness for a daylong event for professionals who are leaders in our communities. The therapists were early to set up and stayed late to make sure everyone had an opportunity to receive their care. I believe about 26 people from our group received massage from the three therapists (Phoenix, Avyanna, and Mallory) and many considered it a high point from the day-long retreat. It is our second year to partner with them in this way and hope for more to come.
Scott Hardin-Neiri
Had a lovely massage from Avyanna this morning and have been blissed out all day. She does a great job of finding the proper pressure level for the massage and then relaxes your whole body with long strokes. Looking forward to heading back soon!
Andrew Celwyn
I've known Phoenix for +10 years. He loves with all his heart and he is all heart. Whatever your concern he can help. Their name says what they desire for you: Blossom and Be!
Arthur Freeman
Phoenix has been an amazing life coach and brings to the table many years of very mindful learning. My wife and I have had our personal relationship with each other transformed through this work and we have also been able to utilize phoenix’s experience to help us manage some of our business as well. I greatly appreciate his loving compassion and guidance and wholeheartedly recommend him.
Dr. Kevin Greenspan, D.C.
Phoenix is amazing! I recently had a massage and can tell he really knows what he's doing. His strength allows him to work the muscles at a deeper level than most. He gets results without causing pain. Highly recommended!
John Webstar
Phoenix and Avyanna address mind, body and nutritional topics with informed depth, careful listening and a treasure trove of experience and information. If you are looking for tools with which to live better, you can find them at Blossom and Be.
Keith Calhoun
Avyanna at Blossom and Be is SO amazing! I have been to many massages, but nothing was like this experience. From the very beginning of the massage, it felt like her hands were communicating directly with my whole being. Not just using her hands to push and pull muscles and tissue around to make it better, but actually speaking and listening to what my body was needing to be healed. Avyanna is a true healer; empathic and caring, and incredibly talented as a massage therapist! Her hands are magic. I can't wait to go see her again, I highly recommend Blossom and Be!
Avyanna is a highly skilled and intuitive practitioner. I have received maybe 8+ massages from her. I always feel satisfied. She is thorough and has a true commitment to healing. I recommend her to my people!
Virginia Rosenberg
My husband and I had our first couples massage with Avyanna and Phoenix yesterday. Top notch from start to finish! We are still talking about it. We absolutely will be back and they have our business as long as they are in business! I'm telling everyone I know!
Peyton McClellan Voigt
Avyanna and Phoenix gave my husband and I amazing massages when we were visiting Asheville. Their space is serene and holds the upmost clarity of healing energy. It's palpable as soon as you walk in the door. They're warm and knowledgeable. We savored every minute of our sessions and can't wait to visit again!
Maressa McKee
Definitely the best massage I’ve ever had. Avyanna was very attuned to me and my experience. Her techniques brought great relaxation, release, and a feeling of bliss. Highly recommended!
Martha Harris
Had my first massage with Phoenix today and he nailed it! Perfect blend of super deep work done smoothly - totally relaxing. I was able to drift off during the massage. Look forward to going back regularly.
Liz Roseman, L. Ac. (Sustainable Health Acupuncture)
I showed up to today’s massage stressed like nobody’s business. The hate from the last week had sent me to the edge. I was able to talk to her about my stress and sadness. THEN she took her magic hands and not only took ALL of my stress away, I even got to experience pleasure. Avyanna is a healer, that's all there is to it. Thank you Avyanna!!!
Kelley Johnson
Avyanna had skill, intuition, and moves to make me feel glorious. I have had lots of bodywork and lots of body workers through my long years and by far I can say she is magnificent and THE best of all. Also, being in her energy restores me. So glad to have her as an addition to Asheville.
Marianne Kilkenny
Avyanna’s Deep Tissue Massage was very therapeutic on all levels. I had instant improvements to my neck and shoulder pain. Knowledgeable and professional. Thank you!
Darcy Wallace
Words cannot express or begin to describe the experience. The atmosphere is so serene and welcoming. If you have not checked it out....Shame on you! Hurry up! You will not regret it. Peace & Light
Erica Harris-Blige
I walked in at the end of my workweek tense and completely in my head. Avyanna's touch grounded me and brought my awareness to my body. At the end of the session I felt like melted butter - completely relaxed and with a strong feeling of well-being. I highly recommend Blossom & Be!
Kristen Molina-Nauert
I visited Blossom & Be wellness yesterday because of my seasonal tension in my back with allergies and to get started on a self care regime of getting regular massages. I had a 90 minute session with Avyanna. She blended Swedish & Deep tissue massage based on my needs. The entire experience was amazing. She was very thorough with explaining everything and making sure the pressure was comfortable and suitable. I had never had this type of blended massage before and was blown away. Not only did she get all my knots out, she got to the bottom of the source of my back issues from playing softball 20 years ago! I've had 2 therapists in the past ask if I was left handed (I'm not) due to the muscle mass difference on each side of my back. Come to find out, it's likely due to pitching softball in high school, and she also advised some things I can do to help with getting everything evened out so there's less stress on my back. The space is so quiet, relaxing and comfortable. I'm so happy to find a go to massage therapist and very much look forward to visiting on a regular basis. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a therapist who goes above and beyond! Thanks Avyanna!!
Katti Stone
My personal experience of Phoenix and Avyanna is one of presence and deep healing. I’ve had a session with Avyanna and felt so completely cared for and seen. She has the capacity to be entirely there and offer what she sees and feels in such a loving way. She is a true healer in all aspects. Together with her partner Phoenix, they’ve created such a conducive environment for healing, one where you have an opportunity to go as deep as you wish. They are kind and gentle and present. Beautiful guides for your healing journey…
Nathalie from Canada
Phoenix is a master at helping me slow down what’s happening inside me, so that I can hold and examine each piece, with his safe and comforting presence to guide me. This way I come to understand it, accept it, love it, and integrate it into a more whole, more peaceful me. Each session saves my life. I only spring for them when I’m in the spiritual ER, but I’m going to manifest more regular check-ups with this artful healer.
Danelle Drury
Phoenix is an excellent Life Coach. His array of inner support tools along with compassion and empathy skills allow people to go deep quickly and safely. He really enjoys contributing to people on a deep level. So, if you want lasting change in your life, he's the man to see.
Jerry Donoghue (Asheville Compassionate Communication Center)
My experience at Blossom and Be was phenomenal. I have had many pleasant massages with other skilled massage therapists in the past, but I’ve never had an experience quite as powerful as what came from my massage with Avyanna. The impact of the massage carried on far longer than just the 90 minutes I spent on the table. First, I was invited into the uber-cozy Blossom and Be lobby which was immediately calming. Avyanna was extremely professional and extended so much care and warmth towards me as we discussed my desires for the session. She took plenty of time to gain a strong understanding of what I was looking for and repeatedly emphasized that she was interested in feedback (which is always helpful for me to hear). My actual experience in the massage was nothing short of blissful. On a physical level, she was extremely strong and seemed to effortlessly maintain the high pressure that I prefer throughout the 90 minutes. She used techniques that I’d never experienced before that felt aaaamazinnnng – loosening up perpetually tense areas of my body and sending me into somewhat of a trance in the moment. I felt Avyanna’s full energetic presence throughout the entire 90-minute session. It was clear that she has a gift of strong intuition as she was finely attuned to my body and what it needed. For hours and hours after the massage, I kept expecting to “wake up” from the daze I was in, but it just wasn’t happening. For days my body felt relaxed, my heart felt so open, my conscious mind took a break from hyper-active duty, and I felt a general sense of surrender - all of which felt like signs that my mind and body were in the process of deep integration. To sum it up, Avyanna’s compassionate care, intuitive presence, and strong massage skills worked powerfully together to unlock some of the glitches in my body and mind to help me heal, integrate, and grow. The words “Blossom and Be” perfectly reflect my over-all experience!
Laura Carroll
I am so happy to be able to refer my patients to Avyanna and Phoenix. They are both very knowledgeable, compassionate and thorough. My patients rave about how amazing they feel afterwards! Their space is very healing and welcoming. I have seen them both myself, and I always feel like melted butter afterwards. Any tightness, mental stress or pain is gone when I leave. Thank you both for truly caring about your client’s well-being and providing quality wellness support for our community!
Dr. J. Anya Harris, DC (Crystalign Chiropractic)
With the large number of massage therapists in Asheville, it's hard to find one who stands out. At Blossom & Be, there manage to be TWO who outshine any other massage experience I've had. Both Phoenix and Avyanna are kind, intuitive individuals who provide the perfect massage experience depending on your needs. I highly recommend!
Alane Mason
Excellent. Avyanna’s the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to. Hands down, no question. Love everything about my sessions with her.
Aimee Cressend
I have had two massages now with Blossom and Be. One with Avyanna when I had what felt like a pinched nerve in my neck. Her deep and intuitive work in my neck was amazing. The pressure was perfect, therapeutic but also allowed me to relax when I was in so much pain. Her knowledge and experience go way beyond massage and I felt incredibly safe. Loved the ambiance of the room! Had a second massage this week with Phoenix and was experiencing tight pectoral muscles since last November. Sometimes painful but a constant tightness and limiting my activities. Again, the ambiance of this place is delightful, I wanted to just stay. I had tea and slipped my feet into a portable foot acupuncture/massage device while I waited. His work was thorough and deep with attention to my tight muscles and I am so happy to say that it has been three days and the tightness is still gone! I have had a massage once a month since November and so far, no one has been able to release the tension. Thank you, Phoenix, I'll be back...and I recommend an hour and a half! You won't regret it.
Shannon Lee Nickerson
Avyanna is one of the best bodyworkers and people I have ever been blessed to work with. She has a heart of gold and her work leaves you feeling comforted, heard and revitalized. She holds sacred space for healing and is in tune with those that are highly sensitive. There aren’t enough good things I can say; besides that, I have worked with many workers in the Asheville area and she is the top!
Lisa Dresner
Very professional and very helpful. After a little over a month of seeing Phoenix for work on my hip, I was back to hiking and swimming. He worked closely with my PT and was open and committed to giving me comprehensive care. Great experience all around!
Julia Morgan
Fantastic! My wife and I both are HUGE FANS of Blossom and Be Wellness - recommend coming here 110%.
Greg Mayer (One Click Fix)
I can highly recommend both Avyanna and Phoenix. I have been a chiropractor for 20 years, so I have not only been to a lot of different massage therapists, I have worked with them in my offices as well. Phoenix and Avyanna are among the best massage therapists that I have ever experienced. Great service and very relaxing and safe atmosphere.
Dr. Jojo Yonce (Asheville Brain Training)
Asheville has many good massage therapists, yet if you want truly one of the best…Phoenix is the one! I was a massage therapist for 18-yrs and currently teach at a local massage school, and I can whole-heartedly endorse the outstanding experience of receiving bodywork from Phoenix. His presence, nurturing, precision skill and professionalism is top-notch. It was so easy to surrender into healing because of the sense of trust and safety that Phoenix provides not only in his massage techniques… but in his being. I felt healed on many levels and left with a sense of relief in my body I haven’t experienced in years. I just can’t wait to go back!
Pripo Tipletsky (Heartshare Counseling)
Wow, Phoenix that was exactly what my body needed. You are a total natural. The level of intuition that can be felt through your hands is remarkable. Terrific integration of myofascial and trigger point. Your specific attention to "trouble" spots was "spot on." My favorite part of the massage was "All of it!"
Shala Worley
This is the absolute best place in all of Asheville for the best massage money can buy. If you have an issue and you need help, you owe it to yourself to try this place. You won't be disappointed! Phoenix is an extremely gifted, educated and professional massage Therapist. I am 45 years old and have seen at least 30 different therapists in my lifetime, and as far as deep tissue is concerned, he is the absolute best by far. I would rate the quality of his care 10 out of 10.
Rob George
My massage at Blossom & Be was professional and excellent! Phoenix is a highly skilled massage therapist who both enjoys his work and is quite good at it. I can recommend him without reservation to anyone who appreciates the value of a great massage.
Tim Willis
I highly recommend both Phoenix and Avyanna for your healing journey. As a chiropractor of over 20 years, I appreciate the uniqueness of their gifts and talents. I have heard stellar feedback from others that have sought their care!
Dr. David Nygaard, DC (Atlas Chiropractic of Asheville)
Phoenix, your coach at Blossom and Be, allows you to explore your thoughts and grow in knowledge about yourself.
Jerald Wright
I have been meeting with Phoenix for a while now for counseling. I am married with teenage children and a business owner. My busy lifestyle leaves little time for self-reflection. Meeting with Phoenix has proven helpful in multiple ways. He has extensive life experience and training which is great for an unbiased outside view of myself. He has helped with my internal conflicts as well as the emotional roller coaster of raising teenagers this day in age. I would recommend Blossom and Be to anyone looking for more clarity in their life.
Adam Grassette
Wow! I have had massage from several different people in the last 20 years, but I have to say that my most recent massage with Avyanna of Blossom and Be Wellness Retreat was by far one of the best! I have also scheduled a massage for my partner and her response was the same..."Best massage ever!" I highly recommend you give her a try....you will find yourself hooked as well!
Pat Johnson
Phoenix has an amazing ability to see so many beautiful traits in everyone. He can make anyone feel like the most special person on the planet. Deep compassion and listening skills.
Danielle Williams
Just do it! Book a couple’s massage….We had a lovely service from Phoenix and Avyanna. Their energy as a loving couple amplifies the session and yields delightful relaxation and awesome therapeutic relief. My husband and I own a Wellness Center and we would not hesitate to recommend this service personally and professionally.
Lisa Greenspan (Greenspan Wellness Center)
AWESOME!! Relaxing atmosphere. Went in for couple's massage. My wife likes it gentle and said it was the best one she had received with Avyanna. I like it intense, deep-tissue, and Phoenix did not disappoint. He found at least 6 knots and really stretched out my muscles. The best part was a discomfort I was having for about 8 months at a point I had a hernia operation disappeared for the entire weekend. Once I got back to work and started my leaning over, the discomfort came back. So I now realize my discomfort is a combination of back muscle issues and scar tissue from the surgery. My Family Doctor said he thought it was reference pain, and he was correct. But Phoenix was able to open all this up in one 1-hour session, that went by fast. Oh, when we arrived, Phoenix and Avyanna had a bag of Lindt Chocolates and 3 Red Roses for my wife's birthday. She told me "nice touch". Just a wonderful experience. I am 50 and this was my FIRST 1- hour massage. I WILL be back.
Ron Bradley
My 90-min Deep Tissue Massage was amazing! I came in with shoulder pain and limited range of motion and left with full range back and almost no pain. The next morning it was gone completely! Thank you so very much for addressing the issues I was dealing with and still fit in time to cover the full body. The pressure was great and well communicated. By the end I was super relaxed and think I was drooling…now that’s a fantastic massage!
Kelly Williams
Phoenix is an amazing facilitator and teacher. I appreciate the qualities he brings holding the masculine with such tenderness.
Patti Holsey
Phoenix was recommended to us by another bodyworker who moved out of town. I am SO grateful to have met Phoenix! I’ve seen chiropractors, massage therapists, PTs, Pilates instructors and personal trainers for my “back”. No one has helped me reach the level of awareness and relief that you facilitated in our session yesterday. I woke up the morning after our session with ZERO back pain/soreness, which hasn't happened in 6-12mths. So - thank you. Your expertise, awareness and knowledge of the body is spectacular! I am so grateful to have found you and I am excited to continue our work together. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Katerina Leeger