There is a wildflower that only blooms in the darkness of night.

During the day, it hides in plain sight, just another invasive vine snaking through your garden.

But by the light of the moon—when nobody’s looking—an otherworldly white bloom unfurls, revealing its truth to the night, only to be gone again by the time you wake up.

Most of our clients come to us feeling like the moonflower on a hot August afternoon.

Closed off and unseen, you feel stuck somehow—in your body, your self-sabotaging habits, your relationships, your life.

You go round and round with your partner or your children, rehashing the same painful arguments, never making any headway.

You struggle to regain your strength after invasive surgery, and wonder if you’ll ever feel like yourself again.

You thrash in a tangle of covers, unable to sleep due to intense physical pain or a racing mind.

You’ve heard conflicting advice from a multitude of different practitioners, and yet none of the their recommendations are helping.

To you, the darkness is a prison. You feel hopeless.

But that’s not what we see.

We see shining iridescence, hiding in plain sight. Curled in on itself, unseen and unheard, waiting to be watered and fed and drawn into the light.

And we are your gardeners.

Wildflower that only blooms in darkness

About Us

Blossom & Be Wellness Retreat is a cozy, sun-warmed space that radiates healing energy and acceptance. We address issues relating to:

  • fertility and pregnancy
  • menstrual health
  • mental and emotional health
  • physical pain
  • reduced or inhibited mobility
  • reversing chronic disease patterns

Each of us brings a unique collection of gifts and expertise to the practice. Avyanna has extensive training in both movement-based bodywork techniques and women’s health modalities, while Phoenix comes from a background in athletics, nutrition, and talk therapy.

But it’s our partnership that makes us special. This symbiosis of our individual strengths and talents is bigger and more powerful than anything we could offer as individuals.

That power flows through us and around us as we work, nourished by us and nourishing in return.

Every aspect of our practice—from the herbal tea in our waiting area, to our intimate scheduling process, to our customized treatment plans—is intentionally imbued with our love for each other and for the work we do.

When you’re in pain—physical, mental, or emotional—the pain is often all you can see. You retreat inward; you huddle and hide. You forget what it feels like to stretch, to breathe, to be free.

Our deepest desire is to help you remember how to blossom. To unfurl your truth and show yourself to the world.


Our Approach

For tens of thousands of years, humans have lived in harmony with the Earth, part of the natural world. Only in the last two hundred years (and especially the last century) have we separated ourselves from nature. Defined ourselves as “other.”

We believe that this fundamental (and flawed) belief—this otherness—is one of the root causes behind many emotional and spiritual imbalances, including…

  • anxiety
  • conflicted relationships
  • depression
  • lack of purpose

On top of that, our modern, stressful lifestyles can contribute to a myriad of physical and structural dysfunctions. These include:

  • injuries caused by repetitive movement
  • neck / shoulder / lower back pain
  • stress and trauma response in the body

We know there’s no going back—computers and nine-to-five’s are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. But there is comfort to be had—healing, even—in rediscovering our connection to the natural world.

The work, then, is not so much about returning to some idyllic primal state as it is about learning to cope with our current reality. How do we care for ourselves in the midst of such chaos?

During your first session, we’ll discuss what’s going on, and create a customized treatment plan just for you. Instead of foisting our credentials on you and asking you to choose from a “menu” of services, we start with what you need, and build outward from there.

After that, you’ll move into your treatment session, whether it’s massage or one of our other offerings.

Moving forward, you may schedule as many sessions as you need. And if you ever want to switch it up—try a massage with “the other one,” or experiment with a deeper healing modality—just say the word.

Click here to schedule your first session.

A Word on Trust…

Whatever your reason, you may feel more comfortable and/or safe working with one or the other of us.

We honor that (and we won’t ask you to explain, unless you want to). You can stick with one of us for the duration of your sessions, but you’ll also be free to drift and explore as your comfort level increases. We refer clients to each other all the time, and support one another behind the scenes as well.

It’s all about building a plan that gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

The thing we want you to know is this: you are safe here. We have no agenda or ego in your healing process; we like to go with the flow. : )

Phoenix and Avyanna Blossom & Be Asheville

Meet Your Gardeners

We’ve both been through dark times of our own. Debilitating injuries, heart-wrenching breakups, codependency, near-death experiences, and crises of both soul and spirit.

In that darkness, though, we found beauty and brightness. We bloomed all the brighter as we emerged—and that’s when we found one another.

Those experiences taught us more about our strengths, talents, and, unique life purpose than the myriad of formal trainings and certifications we’ve accumulated over the years.

In other words—when we look at you?

It’s through two pair of eyes that have seen some sh*t.

Some Things We Believe to Be True

We believe transformation is possible at every phase of life.

We believe that when it comes to apologies, once is enough.

We are not afraid of the unknown. We dig the mystery.

We believe everyone should spend some time soaking in a natural hot spring.

We believe that sometimes all you need is to be listened to for an hour or two.

We believe food is thy medicine.

We believe that disease is caused by lack of nutrients and/or toxins in the system.

We believe optimal health is our natural state of being.

We believe in Love.

We believe angels are real, and that you probably talked to one today.

We believe in hot pink sunsets and glassy lake water.

We see beauty in the darkness.

We believe in dancing and dirt-covered feet.

We believe if you haven’t had a massage in three months, it’s time.

We believe there is wisdom in the flowers, the stones, and the trees.

We don’t believe in weeds.