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Shamanic Breathwork®

This breath-centered process uses chakra attuned music to guide us into altered states of consciousness without the use of drugs and can help facilitate the release of dysfunctional patterns and ego. The facilitator (a.k.a. one of us) serves as your guide and support system throughout the journey, providing a safe, sacred experience as you transcend your conditioned self and transform your awareness. Additional tools may be used throughout the session, including drumming and mandala art practices. Learn more here.


Inner Presence™ Coaching

This is a coaching framework built on Internal Family Systems™ Model, which views a person as having many distinctive “parts,” each of which is designed to—and wants to—play a valuable role within. Trauma and other life experiences can knock these parts out of their natural roles, reorganizing the inner system in unhealthy ways. Once the hurt has been acknowledged with awareness and compassion, your inner “family” can reset itself into its natural, healthy roles. Learn more here.


Higher Alignment™ Coaching

Higher Alignment™ is a system of identifying the compatibility factors, patterns of behavior, and motivations of creative personalities on an energetic level. This framework will help you nurture a loving relationship with yourself, and learn how to identify the people who can best support you growing in business, life, and love. Learn more here.


Shadow Work®

This practice uses role-playing and experiential processes to explore beliefs, characteristics, and fears that come from our unconscious conditioning. Bringing these unaccepted “parts” into the light in a symbolic space allows you to reframe these experiences and dig up the roots of most unhealthy behavior patterns and reframe them in an empowered way. Learn more here.


Nonviolent Communication™

This is a communication practice that incorporates compassionate listening, conscious language choices, asking for what you want, and how to hear another person even when you disagree with them. Learn more here.