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Modern dating can be a scary and confusing process comprised of individuals with mixed motives and unclear desires. Fortunately, we offer resources that allow you to clear out your own garbage, cut through the multitude of poor choices, and launch cupid’s arrow straight towards the bullseye.

The experience you gain here will save you months of wasted effort, frustration, and disappointment.

“Conscious dating means being conscious of who I am and how I show up.”

Our Dating Coaching Program

You will be guided through (12) twelve weekly 2-hour classes either on-line or in-person with instruction, discussion, process to include guided visualizations, journaling, rituals, art, and homework exercises. You will write your dating profile. We will view and discuss your dating candidates’ pictures and profiles as you engage the dating process. This process supports all gender identities and any hetero-, homo-, bi- relationship model you are calling in.

Course Outline

  1. Intro to Art of Dating – Understanding Motives and Attractions
  2. Clearing the Past – Grief work, Forgiveness, and Letting go past people and patterns
  3. Self-Understanding – Virtues, Values, Expectations, Life Vision
  4. Self-Understanding 2 – Relationship, Decision-making, and Communication Skills, and Pacing
  5. Writing a Profile – Selecting authentic pictures
  6. What do we want?  12-Types of Relationship, Vision board, Dating strategies, and Worldview
  7. What gets in the way?  Co-dependent Patterns, Defenses, Pretenses, Imprinting, and Distortions
  8. What is Agape – True, adult, self-radiating love
  9. Common Neutral Ground – Energetic practice for clean interactions
  10. Dating Skills – Discussing fears and desires, and trusting your gut
  11. Engaging the Process – Sharing power, Setting Boundaries, Difficult Conversations, and Red Flags
  12. What does Co-creativity and Fulfillment in Partnership look like?

The Atmosphere

The Art of Dating is a slow and deliberate process allowing you to prepare and align yourself with a companion with a similar vision to enter your field emotionally and energetically. The goal is to create curiosity about people that we meet on the path towards finding your trail mate. You will learn about yourself and humanity through compassion and grace.


Ways to Engage the Process…

Art of Dating Individual Program

(12) Twelve private 2-hour dating coaching sessions either on-line or in-person for $2750 (or pay as you go $240 per session)

Art of Dating Group Program

Same program as the Individual Dating Program now shared with a group of co-harts making it more fun and affordable. This includes break-out sessions, partnering up for homework practice, and one in-person or on-line social gathering. Your will learn about each other and likely make some friends along the way. $600 per student.


“I highly recommend The Art of Dating program. I got all the support , encouragement, and strategies I needed to re-enter the dating world. The class was filled with quality content and information, as well a lot of experiential processes that helped with the class content. Phoenix and Karen are great facilitators , and did a great job communicating the core principles of the class and are both gifted in creating a culture of sharing and support amongst the participants.” ~David Nygaard


Our Goal

Conscious dating is becoming more and more desirable. We no longer need to stay in partnerships for safety, security, or self-importance reasons like our parents and grandparents. This demands deeper, more meaningful, and significant reasons to move forward side-by-side with another human.

“Falling in love” in general is not a very conscious option at all these days.

Let’s call in partners with long term compatibility traits, synergy, and an enthusiasm to co-create.

Let’s be together with mutual respect, playfulness, and emotional maturity.

Let’s come together because we enjoy each other company, lift each other up, and better serve ourselves, our friends, our families, and community more so together than apart.

Let’s take our time, learn about ourselves and others, and enjoy the journey.

“The Art of Dating class helped me shift thinking from competition in dating, worrying if I’m good enough, trying to date the most desired person to self-exploration and seeking a partner who is a good match for me. Through lecture and processing with classmates I learned to appreciate aspects of myself that I previously disliked and see them as something that a compatible person would appreciate. I tend to be quieter and shyer, and I also learned about how to behave more assertively. I have more understanding and love for myself.” ~ Alex K.


Let’s “Ascend to Love”.

Give us a call to find out if dating coaching is right for you.
Ascend to Love

Phoenix’ Dating Story

After several challenging relationships and decades of counseling, 12-step programs, self-help books and workshops, I was left feeling heart-broken and hopeless.

So, I took a step back to reconnect with myself, with nature, and what the hell I was doing on this planet. In this space of uncertainty, I stumbled upon a new way of seeing myself and engaging relationships. I was seen and saw myself for the first time for who I was – brilliant and whole! I was neither broken nor destined to live the rest of my years alone. I embraced wholeheartedly this method that I found and that you will be learning in the Art of Dating. Avyanna, and I met 6-months later on and the rest is history.

Today, I am happily married, have a beautiful son, and co-own and operate Blossom and Be Wellness Retreat where we teach practical and innovative skills to singles, couples, and groups to heal, connect, and live and work together at their highest potential. I am thrilled to share my quiver of cupid’s arrows with you!

In-Person or Online Coaching (1 hour) • $120

Give us a call to find out if dating coaching is right for you.