Darkness? It’s an old friend.

It’s a constant presence in your life’s journey, curling around you like a plume of smoke.

Sometimes it’s thick and opaque; other times it’s nothing more than a wisp in the corner of your eye.

It can be straightforward, like the chronic knee pain that steals your trail runs, or the unexpected surgery that upends your life for six months or more.

It can be stealthy and suffocating, like the slowly dawning realization that your closest friends don’t have your best interests at heart, or that you’ve spent your whole adult life toiling away at a career that makes you miserable.

But darkness is also where the seeds of life sprout. It’s where potential breeds and blossoms, and you reconnect with the truth of who you really are.

Welcome to the garden.

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Where do you need to start your healing journey?

Relieving Acute Pain, Dysfunction & Disease

Lifestyle Changes, Therapeutic Bodywork, Food as Medicine, Self-Massage, Stretching, and Hot Baths are our tools to address your Health Challenges.

Lifting Emotional & Spiritual Malaise

Anxiety, depression, and creative blocks often arise from unmet needs in the heart and soul. Discover (or recover) your life’s purpose through our personalized coaching services.

Healing Difficult Relationships

No one said love would be easy. But with our help, you can disentangle yourself from unhealthy friendships, reconnect with family members, and find the courage to love again.

Balancing the Feminine

We support all those who identify as women, throughout every phase of their lives—including menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, uterine and ovarian issues, hysterectomy, and more.

Hi. We’re Phoenix and Avyanna, your hosts and healers at Blossom & Be Wellness Retreat in Asheville, North Carolina. We found our way to the mountains—and each other—after a winding road full of loving and laughing and learning—and yes, plenty of darkness. (The scary kind, and the earthy, life-giving kind).

Now, we’ve created a space where our individual strengths combine to form a powerful healing presence. When you cross the threshold of Blossom & Be, you are invited to partake in that presence.

We see you, just as you are.

Phoenix and Avyanna Blossom & Be Asheville

Blossom & Be welcomes all humans regardless of race, gender identity, age, religious beliefs, ability, shape, size, or life experience.

Phoenix Be
Relationship, Health Coaching, and Therapeutic Bodywork

Phoenix Bartalos, BS, LMBT

Phoenix’s inner fire used to drive him to extremes. Now it’s a slow burn that warms everyone he encounters.

His specialties include:

Advanced Energy Healing
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach
Codependence Recovery
Higher Alignment™ Coaching
Inner Presence Coaching™
Myofascial Release
Nonviolent Communication
Orthopedic Massage
Positional Soft Tissue Release
Primal Diet Nutrition
Shadow Work®
Shamanic Breathwork 
Sports Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
US ARMY Airborne Medic and Master Fitness Trainer

Avyanna Grace
Women’s Dating, Health, and Therapeutic Bodywork

Rev. Avyanna Grace, LMBT

Avyanna has been healing since she was a wild, barefooted kid trying to bring birds back to life in Western Massachusetts.

Her specialties include:

Abdominal Massage
Craniosacral Therapy
Expressive Process Art
Fertility Massage
Higher Alignment™ Coaching
Inner Presence Coaching™
Deep Swedish Massage
Myofascial Release
Preconception Coaching
Scar Tissue Mobilization
Shamanic Breathwork 
Vaginal / Yoni Steam