What is Higher Alignment®

The Higher Alignment® (HA) framework was created in 1989 by our friend and mentor Larry Byram. It’s built around the idea that at their core, every human being is a creative being.

By reacquainting yourself with this creative energy, and dismantling all the patterns and coping mechanisms that get in the way, you can begin to heal unhealthy relationship patterns and forge deep, meaningful connections with the people in your life (starting with yourself 😊).

Higher Alignment coaching can be applied to many, many situations—couples work, corporate leadership training, personal development, conscious separation, business ownership… and more. At Blossom & Be, our primary focus is on couples and individuals.

You can learn more about HA and how it works here. (There’s a ton of information on that site; happy exploring!)


Each of our coaching offerings is structured according to your needs and goals, but in general, Higher Alignment® coaching usually goes something like this…

Creative Assessment in which we identify the specific Creative Factors that make you unique. Understanding these strengths, values, and means of expression will help you identify the individuals who are most compatible.

Identifying & dismantling patterns so you can understand why you’ve engaged in unhealthy behaviors in the past, and develop the skills to help you avoid repeating them.

Learning how to find & nurture Co-Creative Relationships with individuals who will support your strengths and honor your creative essence.

Again, this may vary depending on what you come in for. To view our Higher Alignment® coaching offerings for individuals and couples, click here.


Initial consultation (15 minutes) • no charge

In-Person or Online Coaching (1 hour) • $120

Individual retreats

Couples retreats