Primal First Aid

Primal First Aid

**Call 911 if you are uncertain of the level of care needed.**

**If you suspect a spinal injury do not move, immobilize and call 911.**

Open the Airway and Rescue Breathing

See American Red Cross current guidelines and take take the course so it comes naturally to you. Click here.

Stop the Bleeding

Stopping the bleeding is the first important step, suturing the wound maybe not be necessary unless you are worried about scarring. Without suturing there maybe more scarring where the wound is.

Compression Bandages

It is best to use a natural material such a cotton bandanna or even nori seaweed. You can put raw butter on it to keep it from sticking. Tie it tight enough to stop the bleeding but not cut off the arterial pulse.

To stop bleeding and dry out a wound use a mixture of dry clay and unheated honey. Best clay to use is Terramin, Aztec, French green, in that order. Wet clay will work too but for external use in wound dry clay works best.

Deeper wounds and cuts can be scary. In some instances going to the hospital may be necessary, but a good resource is having a veterinarian, retired medical, military, EMT, in your contacts who can help with suturing wounds. Be advised if a wound is deep into the muscle, it is best to heal the wound inside out. You do not want the skin closing up before the deeper inner wound has not healed yet. Suture the damaged muscle back together before closing the skin.

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