Healing Retreats

A healing retreat doesn’t necessarily have to mean an overnight stay in a remote location. We offer the retreat experience in sessions as short as 2.5 hours, and as long as 2 full days (or longer, if you desire!).

Which Retreat is Right for Me?

Our single and half-day sessions are perfect for those who prefer to spread their healing work out over a longer period of time. This gives you a greater opportunity to integrate the work we do, and avoid getting overwhelmed with all that self-discovery and inner soul work. These sessions are intended to be repeated—each time, we’ll uncover a new “part” that needs to be acknowledged and soothed.

Sometimes, though, it’s better to just dive in.

In an immersive session, we’re able to dig deeper and do more intensive, focused work than in a mini session or a half-day. These full- or multi-day experiences are for those individuals who crave a dedicated day to dive in and focus on what they need to heal—whether it’s grieving the loss of a loved one, preparing for a major life transition, or simply needing a day away from all the distractions and obligations of life, to reset and reconnect with the Self.

Individual Packages

Single Session: 2.5 hours | $275 | facilitation by Avyanna or Phoenix

Half Day: 4 hours | $425 | facilitation by Phoenix or Avyanna

Full Day (no overnight stay) $850

1 day, 1 night: $975

2 days, 2 nights: $1750

What is Included

We provide snacks, herbal tea, and fresh water for all our guests.

Overnight stays include a private suite with your own entrance, a private side yard, and “free-range” access to our amazing indoor and outdoor spaces. Downtown Black Mountain is just 5 minutes away. (Does not include meals, but you are welcome to prepare food in your suite!)


Modalities & Program Offerings

During your retreat, we may explore any or all of the processes listed below. During our initial phone call, we’ll talk you through the details of each and help you determine which process will best serve you and/or your partner.

Art of Creation

This process creates clarity around parenthood and welcomes the evolutionary journey of preconception. Unleash creativity, free personal expression, access inner-wisdom, increase aliveness and body-centered knowing, transform unconscious beliefs, reclaim your birth, reconnect with ancestors and guides, reduce inner conflict, renew inner peace, receive home care protocols, and learn to trust the wisdom in your process.   *All individuals are welcome, not just those who identify as women.

Includes: Shamanic Breathwork, Expressive Process Art, Journaling, Fertility Massage, Preconception Visioning

Empowered Fertility

Are you out of tune with your own natural rhythms and the ebb and flow of energy that accompanies your menstrual cycle? Do you overextend and burn out, pushing through pain and cursing the blood that overflows, is stagnant, or scarce? Has fearing pregnancy or infertility created a negative relationship with your body? If so, these sessions can help you learn how to become more connected, empowered and informed.

Includes: cycle tracking, moon-time wisdom, anatomy and uterine placement, self-care protocols, v-steam, castor oil pack, fertility massage, craniosacral alignment, reflexology, aromatherapy, guided imagery

Expressive Process Art

Expressive Process Art is used as an advanced tool to awaken creativity, provide an outlet for metaphor, while opening the door for the subconscious mind to express the deeper insights of the soul.

Soul Alignment

We use Higher Alignment assessment tools to identify all 15 Creative Factors that come together to make you an exquisitely unique individual. Soul Alignment work will help you unpack the essence of who you are, understand why you do the things you do, and help you get clear on how to respond to yourself, your partner, your family, and your co-workers in an empowered way. This will support you in gaining compassion for yourself and others, and begin to see the beautiful rainbow of personalities that are around and within you.

Includes: Creative Assessment, Higher Alignment Intro, Grounding Tools, Q&A, Reflective Processing

Soul-Aligned Partnering Process

*bring pictures of current and past partners and parents

We use Higher Alignment assessment tools to help you understand your motives, relationship skills, and attractions. By understanding the mistakes of our history, we can build confidence we will not repeat them. We will help you identify and engage higher attractions so you can consciously embrace your best choices.

Shamanic Breathwork 


Shamanic Breathwork  is an experiential process, guided by your soul’s inner wisdom. Breath connects us to our highest truth and deepest knowing. Using circular breathing and chakra-attuned music, journeyers are safely guided through a shamanic experience that opens the mind to expansive voyages into altered states of consciousness, guided by an internal life force, rather than external substances.

Shadow Work®Process

Shadow Work® Full Process is a self-empowerment tool that uses psychodrama, color, and metaphor to bring your heart’s desire into the light. This in-depth experiential process dives deeply into shifting generational patterns and outdated conditioning that we’ve been holding on to, often since childhood. Bringing these unaccepted “parts” into the light in a symbolic space allows you to reframe these experiences and dig up the roots of most unhealthy behavior patterns and reframe them in an empowered way.

Soul Aligned Modern Dating Process

We will help you maneuver through the process of writing a dating profile that expresses where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you are wanting to go. We’ll work with you to feel more authentic in your photos and during your dates, and teach you the art of saying no and moving on so you don’t waste your time with individuals that can’t meet you where you are at.

Includes: Full Creative Assessment, Higher Alignment Intro, Grounding Tools, write an on-line profile, review potential candidates, photo coaching, dating coaching, Homework