Frog Pose for Back and Hip Pain Relief

Many health-conscious people are familiar with child’s pose, one of the most time-tested stretches originating centuries ago in Ayurveda and a wonderful way to stretch and open your low back and rest your spine.

Frog Pose, which we are going to show you today, is a version of child’s pose that has even more benefits.

Unless you are a yogini, most people experience a combination of tight low back muscles and tight adductor or inner thigh or groin muscles.

This, as you might guess, is from what?


Yes, these inner thigh muscle contract and stay so locked up that they prevent full range of motion of the hip joint which eventually leads to compression of the femoral nerve or stretching of the sciatic nerve which can contribute to pain in either the front or back of your hip.

This tightness can also lead to reducing circulation in the lower body and legs, can put pressure on the large intestine and urinary tract impairing smooth flow of urine, reproductive cells, and food waste.

In combination with trigger point and myofascial therapeutic bodywork, Frog Pose can be quite beneficial in softening and releasing these muscles and restoring flow of all the digestive, lymphatic, endocrine, circulatory and reproductive functions.

Approaching this stretch is like child’s pose, in that you kneel on the floor either on a yoga mat, in the grass or on a blanket for extra cushion. Then, you begin to spread your knees out, turn your feet out and bring your elbows to the floor.

We recommend that you place a bolster or some pillows under your chest, so you can relax deeply into this posture. In this stretch, you would take 10 deep inhalations and push your knees into the floor. And, when you exhale, allow your knees to slowly spread further apart, dropping your chest even closer to the floor. After your 10-breathes you may just relax in this position for a few more minutes of deep relaxation.

When you are ready, ever so gently, bring your knees together and come out of the posture.

Click here for demonstration video

Most of the stretches we recommend are performed 2-3 times a week.

Less than this does not produce optimum results. More often does not give your muscle fibers enough time to rest.

You will likely notice much more flow and opening in your pelvic, lower abdominal region and well as your low back. And, you will notice your low back and hips feeling more alive and happier. If you’re suffering from constipation, urinary blockage, difficult menstrual cycles, difficulty ejaculating or are a candidate for prostate disease, this stretch may give you some support. Just like all stretches, these recommendations may not be suitable for everyone, depending on your condition.

We are not medical doctors and are not prescribing a treatment for any ailment. Yet, Ayurveda’s rich insights along with common sense leads us to believe that Frog Pose improves circulation and flexibility thus supporting a healthy pelvis.

Contact us to schedule an evaluation to ensure this stretch and/or therapeutic bodywork is appropriate for you.

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