Eat Raw Meat & Live

Eat Raw Meat & Live

My partner, in 2000, had tried everything from Veganism, Macrobiotic, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Herbology, and Nourishing Traditions to heal her chronic nausea, migraines and chronic fatigue.

She was diagnosed with Malaria, Migraines, and Lymes Disease.

When we met, she had about two hours of productive energy on a good day and confined to dark bedroom near a toilet for the rest.

A friend of ours had just learned about the Primal Diet and suggested she try it.

She was terrified, not so much about eating raw meat rather, of being ostracized by her friends and social network. She asked me if I would join her in solidarity.

I said, “Of Course!”

We both had consultations with Aajonus Vonderplanitz and really learned how unhealthy we were. She remembered the chemicals she was exposed to as a child growing up in Connecticut as Aajonus pointed out that Lymes is not caused by ticks, rather from chemical poisoning and Lymes, Connecticut was a highly toxic region in New England.

I had asthma, hay fever, was allergic to everything under the sun from birth. I wheezed myself to sleep at night, and carried an inhaler and Epi-pin everywhere I went. My liver and lungs were operating at about 30% from childhood vaccines, infant formula, prophylactic antibiotics, steroid inhalers, chlorinated swimming pools, mercury fillings, growing up in second-hand and first hand smoke, and alcohol abuse.

We were a mess!!

Well, we dove right in!

We gave up caffeine, salt, sugar, grains, alcohol, and cooked food.

We drastically reduced all carbohydrates including vegetables and fruits.

We began eating raw meat, raw liver, raw milk, raw butter, raw egg, cream, and honey smoothies, and green vegetable juice exactly as Aajonus recommended.

The first raw meat meal was so invigorating. It was like I had been starving for my whole life, eating real food for the very first time, and feeling so satiated and nourished.

We were in the process of building an 325-acre ecovillage, so we crafted our farming plan towards raising Jersey cows and laying hens so we could control the quality of the food we grew and ate.

My partner’s progress was most immediate.

By one month, she went from daily nausea to once a week. By 6 months, she went from daily migraines to one a week, By six months she was working 6 hours a day in the gardens, milking the cow, processing hundreds of meat birds, and building our homestead. I went through a lot of detoxification the first 5-years.

I couldn’t get enough sleep. Sometimes ten hours a day plus a nap. I had seizures as my brain detoxed and constipation and low back back as my liver and intestines detoxed. There was one point where I hacked up a big black sputum that was the size of a golf ball evacuating all kinds of gunk from my lungs. My armpits smelled putrid as stuff cam out my pores. My hair got thin and dry and I had the mercury removed from my teeth.

But, after year five, it was smooth sailing.

I got my energy back and felt clearer , stronger and better than ever.

My hair got thick, long, and silky again. The B.O. left for good!

My partner from back then now remarried currently travels the globe, rarely experiences nausea, feels stronger than ever and has a migraine about once a month and it is so much milder than the headaches of the past. She feels so good, she has reverted back to eating her traditional Italian cooking.

Myself, I started a new life, got married, had a child, started a health retreat business. I haven’t wheezed or had any difficulty breathing for 20 years.

My eyesight has improved from 20/40 to 20/20.

My low-back pain is just about non-existent, and I thrive on 6-7 hours of sleep every night. I still try to take a 10-minute power nap after lunch each day and at 58-years old, I’m launching new projects left and right.

Most importantly I have meaning, purpose, and presence in my life, having not touched or craved any mind altering substances, alcohol, sugar, or carbs since I can remember, and having coached many individuals and couples to create physically and emotional health for themselves and in their relationships.

The Primal Diet has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me, my friends, my family and my clients and I have dedicated my life to sharing the healing powers of raw meat.

I can not understand why we aren’t all taught about this life-giving diet from birth. I and humans could have skipped over years of pain and suffering by incorporating the Primal Diet into our lives early on. As Aajonus said, “Health is our birth-right. Every human deserves good health.”

I wholeheartedly agree and aim to give it to every human who is searching.

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