A Little Rash - Before

A Little Rash

This testimony is from one of our clients. The remedies, we recommend come from the dedicated research of Aajonus Vonderplanitz and the Primal Diet. If you are experiencing a rash or any other skin symptoms, contact us to find out how to resolve your issues naturally with raw animal foods and topical salves. 

December of 2022, I got a little rash on my forearm which I thought was poison ivy.

It grew and grew and it became clear that it wasn’t. The itchy spots spread and itched in a way that I have never experienced before. I would scratch ’til I was ripping off my skin and still scratched. Turning the itchiness to pain. My arms were a bloody, painful, itchy mess.

I began to reach out for help with my detox. No one, allopathic or natural, really knew what it was, yet offered me salves and creams, supplements and herbs, potions and lotions, and almost trying anything until one day, I decided that it wasn’t me to take all these things. I’m a ‘trust my body’ kind of person, so I cleared my counters of all these things, and decided to just ask, what the heck is my body telling me.

Obviously a detox of some sort.

Lead is a likely a culprit based on where I live and what was happening. Although I had years of ‘almost eating well’. I was convinced that the food I was eating was okay, when really it wasn’t. I gave up working out years prior due to being tired.

I had no idea what was happening. Having endured seven months of consistent and significant pain, I was scared and tired. Sleep was elusive because if I wasn’t exhausted I couldn’t stop itching or find sleep. Truthfully, it was becoming too much and a few times I was ready to give it up. I was hopeless and panicked. I was barely working or contributing in any kind of big way.

I couldn’t imagine how I would wear long sleeves over the summer (to hide my bloody and swollen red arms. Life was too much.

Honestly, this over-detox began years before.

I had little signs. The hair disappeared from my arms and legs 3-4 years ago. I was tired and losing strength year after year. I had some joint pain and many other quiet symptoms that I just didn’t pay attention to.

I was already on a very loose interpretation of the Primal Diet. I ate mostly raw meat, raw milk, and raw cheeses, however, still eating salt, caffeine, a cooked meal once a week, chocolate, tallow, pasteurized lemon juice, and La Croix out of a can.

When Phoenix reached out and I told him about my condition, he knew immediately what it was and how to address it.

Bone marrow detox (deep). He slowly and clearly told me what I could eat and what I could not. The list of “Could Not’s” was (and remains) waaaay bigger than the what I can eat. It was basically June 1 when I got my instructions. Luckily I had most of the food I needed, and I live close enough to Amos Miller’s farm to grab the few things I needed the very next day. I followed (and still do) exactly what Phoenix has suggested.

It took about three weeks to see any kind of shift.

In fact the itching and leathery skin began spreading to my legs. And, then it began. The skin began to itch less. I could sleep more. My arms were healing. I was cautiously ecstatic. By 6-weeks in, my arms were clear enough that I wore tank-tops out to the store to see if people would stare at me. No one even noticed. As I write this I am about 14-weeks in and my arms don’t itch really at all and the skin for the very most part is clear. The hair is returning to my arms. I even got a massage – Swedish. I brought the Facial Body Cream to replace massage oil and it was a delight!!

A Little Rash - After

I think I am still detoxing because I have symptoms.

Different kind of more subtle pain, yet my sleep is great. My energy is still low, yet I have been to the gym to begin building my metabolism again. I wasn’t able to take a bath (water, even with lots of milk, was not my friend). Now I have returned to the hot soaks. Not quite as hot, not quite as long and followed up with a big slather of the Facial Body Cream and I’m good.

The relief and gratitude I feel almost every minute of every day is the focus of my attention. It sure feels good to think about what might happen in the garden next year and have confidence that I will be around to see it. So, so good. So, so grateful.

Here’s what I eat:

Start the day first thing with Green Juice with raw cow cream.
Wait 45-minutes
Raw meat meal with Pain Formula (I have renamed it “Elixir”)
Wait 1 hour
Pain Formula alone
Repeat this pattern throughout the day.

I have about 16-24 oz. of Pain Formula a day. It’s a lot of butter, eggs, and bee pollen for sure.

My treat is a bit of watermelon with my Green Juice.

That’s it. No tea, no water, no alcohol, no caffeine, no hot spices, no drinks in aluminum cans, no cooked or pasteurized foods, no sugar, no salt –none.

Thank you Phoenix.

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